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Legal Disclaimer for Tran Law Group

This website is considered attorney advertising.

Who we are

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No Attorney-Client Relationship

The information contained and displayed on this website is provided for informational purpose only and should not be constructed as legal advise on any subject matter. Prior to acting on any material or information contained on this website, you should seek professional legal counsel in your jurisdiction when applicable. 

Viewing this website does not form an attorney/client relationship between you and the attorneys of Tran Law Group. No attorney/client relationship occurs unless and until you sign an agreement confirming the nature and scope of representation.

No Guarantee of Results

Tran Law Group does not guarantee that every case receives the same or similar results as those mentioned above and you should not assume that a similar result can be obtained in a legal matter of interest to you. 

Third Party Websites

This website contains links to other websites or resources. Tran Law Group does not assumes or represent the accuracy of these third party websites or resources. Tran Law Group is not liable for the content of these other sites or resources and does not endorse said sites or their source.


No website is entirely secure, so please be cautious information provided through the contact form or email. Do not assume confidentiality exists in anything you send through this website or email, until an attorney/client relationship is formed through completion of a fee agreement.

Private Policy

Tran Law Group reserves the right to revise this policy at any given time. Tran Law Group assumes no liability or responsibility for any errors or omissions contained on this website. Tran Law Group gives no guarantee that the information contained on this website is current, accurate, complete, useful, reliable, or helpful.

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